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2018 Primary Election

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Wednesday, August 22nd @ 1:30 PM 




AUGUST 28, 2018

Florida is a CLOSED PRIMARY State.

Since Florida is a closed primary state, only voters who are registered members of the respective political party's candidates can vote for those candidate nominees in a primary election. Typically that would be either one of the two major political parties (Republicans and Democrats) but it can also include minor political parties if they have candidates for an office on the primary election ballot.

All registered voters can vote in a primary election, regardless of which major or minor political party they are registered or even if they are registered without a specific party affiliation when:

  • All the candidates for an office have the same party affiliation and the winner of the primary election will not face any opposition in the general election (i.e. no write-in candidates have qualified).

  • The race is nonpartisan (i.e., prohibited from qualifying or campaigning based upon party affiliation) (e.g., judicial and school board offices, nonpartisan special districts or local referendum questions).

All Primary Ballots will include the non-partisan School Board races (districts 1, 4 & 5). These races will be decided on in August Primary Election and will not be on the General Ballot in November.  

Additionally, the race for Board of County Commission District 4 is a Universal Primary Contest, due to the fact that currently both candidates have the same party affiliation. This race will appear on all Primary ballots and will not be on the General Ballot in November.