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Request Protected Address Status


Pursuant to Florida Statute 119.071(4)(d), the following individuals may request "Protected Address" status for themselves, their spouse and children to keep their residence address and telephone numbers confidential.

  • Active or former law enforcement personnel, including correctional and correctional probation officers;
  • Personnel of the Department of Children and Family Services whose duties include the investigation of abuse, neglect, exploitation, fraud, theft, or other criminal activities;
  • Personnel of the Department of Health whose duties are to support the investigation of child abuse or neglect;
  • Personnel of the Department of Revenue or local governments whose responsibilities include revenue collection and enforcement of child support enforcement;
  • Firefighters certified in compliance with s. 633.35;
  • Justices of the Supreme Court, district court of appeal judges, circuit court judges, and county court judges;
  • Current or former state attorneys, assistant state attorneys, statewide prosecutors, or assistant statewide prosecutors;
  • General magistrates, special magistrates, judges of compensation claims, administrative law judges of the Division of Administrative Hearings, and child support enforcement hearing officers;
  • Current or former human resources, labor relations, or employee relations directors, assistant directors, managers, or assistant managers of any local government agency or water management district whose duties include hiring and firing employees, labor contract negotiation, administration, or other personnel-related duties;
  • County Tax Collector;
  • Current or former United States attorneys and assistant United States attorneys;
  • Current or former judges of the United States Courts of Appeal, United States district judges, and United States magistrate judges;
  • Current or former code enforcement officers;
  • Current or former guardians ad litem;
  • Current or former juvenile probation officers, juvenile probation supervisors, detention superintendents, assistant detention superintendents, senior juvenile detention officers, juvenile detention officer supervisors. juvenile detention officers, house parents I and II, house parent supervisors, group treatment leaders, group treatment leader supervisors, rehabilitation therapists, and social counselors of the Department of Juvenile Justice;

     For a more detailed list, please refer to Florida Statute 119.071.

If you fit any of the above categories and wish to protect your information from disclosure, please visit the Department of State/Division of Elections website and select form DOS-119 and return or mail the completed form to:

Putnam County Supervisor of Elections
2509 Crill Ave., Suite 900
Palatka, FL 32177



      Victims of Domestic Violence and Stalking Victims        



The Florida Office of the Attorney General has the Attorney General's Address Confidentially Program established specifically for victims of domestic violence and stalking who wish to exercise their right to vote. The records of voters enrolled in the Address Confidentiality Program are maintained in hard copy form and do not appear in the Voter Registration database. 

For more information, please contact:
           The Attorney General's Address Confidentiality Program
           P. O. Box 6298
           Tallahassee, FL 32314-6298

           Phone: (850) 414-3300
           Toll Free: 1-800-226-6667
           Fax: (850) 487-3013

If you fit the above category and wish to protect your information from disclosure,please visit the Department of State/Division of Elections website and select form DOS-119 . Provide the completed form to The Attorney General's office.



IMPORTANT: This request for "PROTECTED ADDRESS" status applies ONLY to your records in the Florida Voter Registration System and does NOT protect your address from disclosure in other countywide or statewide databases.

Charles L. Overturf III, Supervisor of Elections, Putnam County

Address & Qualifying Office: 2509 Crill Ave, Suite 900, Palatka, FL 32177

P: (386) 329 - 0224 | F: (386) 329 - 0455 | H: M-F 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Email: electionsoffice@putnam-fl.gov