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Adopt A Precinct

Adopt a Precinct is a partnership between the Supervisor of Elections and Community Service Organizations, Clubs and Nonprofit Organizations.

What is the Adopt A Precinct Program?

Adopt A Precinct is a way for the Supervisor of Elections to recruit election workers; for community service organizations, clubs and nonprofit organization to raise funds; and for voters in our county to receive excellent Election Day services.

What are the steps to Adopt A Precinct?

  1. The community service organization, club or nonprofit agrees to provide a certain number of election workers for Election Day.
  2. The elections office will train the election workers (as required by state law), and assigns them to a polling site.
  3. The recruited election worker (volunteer) designates their paid salary to their organization. After the election, the partnering organization receives a check in the amount equal to what your volunteers have earned as election workers.
  4. The election worker may also earn community service merits or points with your organization/club, along with the money you have earned, which will be donated to your organization/club.

NOTE: The partnering organization can display a sign at the polling place that tells voters your organization has adopted the precinct so the voters know of your good deeds.


How do I sign up for Adopt A Precinct?

Just fill out the form below or call Marie Hobbs at the Supervisor of Elections office at (386)326-7151. We will give you the information so that your community service organization, club or nonprofit organization can participate in the Adopt A Precinct Program – and become a Partner in Democracy!