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  • as of 04/19/14
  • Democrats:22,050
  • Republicans:14,698
  • Others:8,160
  • Total:44,908

2014 Student Picture Contest Winners

The Putnam County Supervisor of Elections Office Completed our annual student picture contest at the Putnam County Fair the end of March.  Students drew pictures in the areas of Voting, Government, or History.  Students from the individual schools voted for the best picture from each participating school and the winning pictures were then voted on by the public at the fair to get the best pictures overall. 


The winners are pictured above:

Front Row; left to right Vanessa Nguyen 4th grade from Peniel Academy; Evan Chiappini 2nd grade from Melrose Elementary School; Josue Jaimes 12th grade from Crescent City Jr-Sr High School.

Back Row; Hayden Chiappini 6th grade from Melrose Elementary School;  Supervisor of Elections, Charles Overturf.

Each first place winner received $150 cash prize which were donated by Florida Power and Light, The Kiwanis Club of the Azalea City, Beck Chevrolet, and Human Resources Development Inc. (Parole and Probation).  Other participants received gift certificates and coupons donated by many local businesses.

Welcome to the official website of the Putnam County, Florida Supervisor of Elections

Thank you so very much for the honor and privilege to serve as your Supervisor of Elections.  My desire is to continue the long-standing tradition of excellence that has been the hallmark of this office for decades.

I am proud to have a staff that collectively has several decades of experience in conducting fair, open, and transparent elections in the most efficient and professional manner possible.

This site offers information about the elections process and includes statistics and links to important resources.  We hope to encourage citizen participation, enhance public confidence in the election process, and to educate citizens of all ages.

I sincerely hope all of us keep in mind that our right to vote came about because of the sacrifice of so many, and that each time we vote we should remember them. 

If I can be of service to you, or if you have any suggestions or ideas to help us add information or features to make this site more useful for all Putnam County citizens, please call, email, or visit our Elections Office.