Running for Office

Most first time candidates, and many experienced candidates have questions about the process of running for office.  To address some of those questions, what follows is an explanation of some of the basics of becoming a candidate.  By no means is this meant to be a comprehensive explanation of everything that a candidate needs to know.  If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact Charles Overturf, Supervisor of Elections, at (386)329-0224.

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To begin the process of becoming a candidate, you may come to the Supervisor of Elections office to pick up a Candidate Filing Information Packet.  This packet contains the required forms, information on filing reports electronically, Florida Statutes related to candidates and campaign finance, a list of qualifying fees and petition information.


  • Form DS-DE 84 Statement of Candidatemust be filed with the filing officer within 10 days after filing Form DS-DE 9.  This form states that the candidate has been provided access to read and understand the requirements of Chapter 106, Florida Statutes.

  • Form DS-DE 83  Statement of Candidate for Judicial Office, must be filed by each candidate for judicial office, including an incumbent judge, within 10 days after filing Form DS-DE 9.

  • Candidate Acknowledgement Form verifies that you understand candidates are required to file campaign finance reports through the electronic filing system.


Qualifying is a one-week period in which candidates are required, by law, to file additional forms in order to have their name placed on the ballot.  The Supervisor of Elections office may accept qualifying papers up to 14 days prior to the qualifying period but the will not be processed until the qualifying period begins.


State and local candidates: begins NOON, June 15, 2020, and ends NOON, June 19, 2020.
Qualifying papers will be accepted beginning June 1, 2020, pursuant to Section 99.061(8), F.S.

Federal and Judicial candidates: begins NOON, April 27, 2020, and ends NOON, May 1, 2020.
Qualifying papers will be accepted beginning April 13, 2020, pursuant to Section 99.061(8), F.S.


  • Candidate Oath
  • Financial Disclosure Form (Form 1 or Form 6)
  • Qualifying Fee (must be paid with Campaign Check) or Alternative Method Petition Certification.

Note: Candidates must pay a qualifying fee or filed by petition process, unless filing as a write-in candidate.

Candidate Qualifications and Qualifying Fees  WILL BE DETERMINED AT A LATER DATE

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