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Party Change

Florida Statutes sections 97.055 and 97.1031

Party changes will be accepted by an Election Official’s Office for any upcoming election as long as the request is made:

  • by written notice with specific party desired, including name, birthdate or voter registration number, and signature.

  • or by completing a voter registration application.

    Voter Registration Application - English

    Voter Registration Application - Spanish

  • the voter returns the written notice or voter registration application to the elections office.

  • the party change is received by the Election Official’s Office any time prior to, or by, the 29th day before the election in which the voter intends to vote.

97.055 (1)

(a) The registration books must be closed on the 29th day before each election and must remain closed until after that election.  If an election is called and there are fewer than 29 days before that election, the registration books must be closed immediately.

(c) When the registration books are closed for an upcoming election, an update or change to a voter’s party affiliation made pursuant to s. 97.1031 shall be permitted for that upcoming election unless such election is for the purpose of nominating a political party nominee, in which case the update or change shall be permitted only for the purpose of subsequent elections.


(2) When an elector seeks to change party affiliation, the elector shall notify his or her supervisor of elections or other voter registration official by using a signed written notice that contains the elector’s date of birth or voter registration number.

As soon as the supervisor receives the written request for a party affiliation change, the supervisor will make the change on the voter’s information record and send the voter a new voter registration information card.