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  • Any registered voter may request an mail/absentee ballot.

  • You no longer need to be absent to vote an mail/absentee ballot.

  • An Original signature is required to send your ballot to an address other than your address of record. Complete this form and send it to the Elections Office to receive your ballot at a different address.   Absentee Request Form    

  • All mail/absentee ballots are counted on election day.
  • A mail/absentee ballot request is good through the end of the calendar year of the second ensuing regularly scheduled general election.
  • Mail/Absentee ballot requests must be received no later than six (6) days prior to an election.
  • Mail/Absentee ballots are NOT forwardable. Be sure you provide your current mailing address.

Take advantage of voting in the comfort of your home.

Two ways to request an mail/absentee ballot:

1. Click here to request an mail/absentee ballot online

2. Call the elections office at (386) 329-0224.